Teams are Formed!


After a long night last night, the teams are back and working hard on the 7 companies that emerged last night. In no particular order, we have:


5 Words or Less: Party game app (5 words or less) – proceeds go to Autism charities

Adapte: Tailored clothing more accessible to young professionals

Pablo: Community of industrial designers – startup digest for designers

Limited Girls: Teen girls pick out clothes, parents approve purchases

Magic Planner: Electronic Planner for high school students to replace paper planner

Documeant: Digital platform to share + create the digital legacy of things

Lone Rangers: Spotify/Pandora + – can stream top audiobooks and podcasts to listen to in your free time


Can’t wait to see how the next two days go. Lunch is on its way and mentors will be here soon to provide some thoughts and advice!