Teams are Formed!


After a brutal elimination round Friday night, 8 teams remain! They worked late into the night Friday and got back to The METS Center early this morning. Here’s a brief summary of what’s being worked on today:

Script Link: An app for the pharma/health industry that helps keep track of what meds people are taking (and tells you when to take your meds), then feeds the data back to pharmacies and doctors.

Yocally: Where people sell themselves. Airbnb for people. Sell your skills in this online marketplace.

Ticket Share: Solving the problem of unused tickets in the sporting world. An app that lets fans swap their tickets when they aren’t going to use them (get a ticket in return for a later event). A site that lets you comparison shop car repair service and provide resources for teh DIY(er). Experts provide content for how-to’s on the site.

Alex Box: Device that provides educational information for people who do not have internet access. You plug the device in at a free wifi hotspot to update the device.

Pop-up Startups: Refurbished shipping containers that can be placed near trends or where people are buying and set up your shop where/when it matters.

College Coach: Replace college counselors through a web app, starting in middle school that lets students create a profile about their skills/interests over time.

We’ll see how the teams develop their ideas through the rest of the weekend. Follow us on Twitter (@SWCincinnati) and Facebook (/swcincinnati) for updates! Final pitches are Sunday at 5pm and all are welcome! Register for free at