Startup Cincinnati Teams, July 2012


After a great first day of pitches, networking and food – we’re happy to announce the 9 teams that will be presenting on Sunday (expect the names, ideas and everything else to potentially change though)!


Online marketplace for local bakeries.

Bring Some Food

Web app for coordinating potluck parties with friends and neighbors

Life Miner

Analytics system for your life – takes email and shows who you hang out with the most or communicate with the most – quantify your life

Sports betting for points that redeem for prizes, badges and more!

Art Loyalty

Kroger type loyalty card for the arts in Cincinnati, leverage unsold seats in theaters as prizes (or discounts)


Bringing relevancy (with age, gender, etc) for more trust in online product reviews.

Project Blue Collar

Livestrong for dog rescue. “Support the Underdog” community to share their love of rescue animals

Do My Homework

Pay someone to do your homework (math & science) – Freelancer for homework

3D Printing

Web marketplace for 3D printer templates